Monday - November 01, 2004

Heidi and Sam join Jim to give small business owners nutrition tips for both marathoners and those running their own life's race.
Rich Galen
Rich joins Jim on the eve of election day to discuss the 2004 presidential campaigns and tracking polls.
Jim Blasingame
Jim tells his audience who he is going to vote for in the presidential election and why on the eve of election day.
Brian Tracy
Brian joins Jim to explain how to learn how to start your own business and earn money your own way.

Tuesday - November 02, 2004

Ben McConnell
Ben joins Jim to explain how getting involved with the community creates loyal customers.
Grace-Marie Turner
Jim and Grace-Marie discuss the presidential candidates' solutions to health care on election day.
Sheldon joins Jim to talk about the book writing business and how to get published after you write your book.
Russell Brown
Russell joins Jim to explain how to make the decision about purchasing a business by finding all the problems associated with the business.

Wednesday - November 03, 2004

Ramon Ray
Ramon joins Jim to share some technology tips to give you more leverage in your small business. They also talk about the importance of data backup.
Rick Maurer
Rick joins Jim to talk about how to lead change in your organization rather than just following.
Tony Jeary
Tony shares with Jim the five things you need to focus on in order to be a better communicator in your organization.
JoAnna Brandi
JoAnna shares some tips with Jim on how to take care of your customers so they want to continue doing business with you.

Thursday - November 04, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff discuss new technology that will give you more space in your office and help you be more efficient.
Gary Moore
Gary joins Jim to discuss the country's deficit and what to expect in the next four years after the presidential election.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to discuss the demographics of the 2004 presidential election and what the next four years hold for our country.

Friday - November 05, 2004

Nichole and Gunnery Sgt. Rubio join Jim to share how their organizations are taking care of the less fortunate during the holidays.
Rich Galen
Jim and Rich give a wrap-up of the 2004 presidential election.
Jim and Andre talk specifics about intellectual property that will help you with your small business.
Bill Huss
Bill joins Jim to discuss his experience with mediation and how everyone involved wins.

Monday - November 08, 2004

Jim and Michael discuss the new Elton John Dream Ticket and how small businesses can compete with big businesses like his organization.
Richard DeKaser
Richard joins Jim to discuss recent international events that will shape the U.S. economy.
Josh Costell
Josh joins Jim to explain what should be the purpose of a first-meeting sales call and why the customer should set the agenda.
Jane Howard
Jim and Jane discuss how to position your business to attract certain personalities of people.

Tuesday - November 09, 2004

Kristin Arnold
Kristin joins Jim to talk about how to bring together your organization's team to satisfy your customers.
Jim visits with Alan and Dean to discuss the lost potential of employee ideas and how these ideas can be successful.
Giovanni Coratolo
Giovanni joins Jim to talk about how the presidential election has changed/enhanced the landscape for small business initiatives.
Stephen R. Covey
Steven joins Jim to explain how to create in entrepreneurs a deep empowerment so that rules and regulations don't take the place of human judgement.

Wednesday - November 10, 2004

Randy joins Jim to talk about the results of a recent MDRT survey on financial preparedness and he shares some tips on how small businesses can be prepared.
David Dawsey
Jim and David discuss building a successful trademark and protecting your intellectual property.
Kate Kelly
Kate joins Jim to give some tips on how to price your services when dealing with wedding parties.
Jim and Stu discuss new technologies that will keep your small business connected.

Thursday - November 11, 2004

Jerry Newberry
Jerry joins Jim on Veterans Day to honor our veterans, past and present.
Sam Norwood
Jim and Sam discuss the economic conditions reported in the most recent Tatum Business Conditions Survey.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan discuss this week's Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - November 12, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim as he broadcasts live from the Administaff headquarters in Texas to continue their series on dispelling myths about home based businesses. Beverley explains how to set up a home office without spending a lot of money.
Karen Post
Karen joins Jim to talk about her new book and how to connect to your audience with emotions with your brand.
Randy McCollum
Randy joins Jim live at the Administaff headquarters in Texas to stress the importance of building strategic alliances, leveraging technology and networking to build relationships.
Greg joins Jim live at the Administaff Headquarters in Texas to talk about balancing people and technology.

Monday - November 15, 2004

Knight Kiplinger
Knight joins Jim to reflect on a the life of a third generation small business.
Russell Brown
Jim and Russell discuss bringing your business into the 21st century with new technology in order for it to continue.
Jim Blasingame
Jim reflects on 7 years of bringing you the Small Business Advocate Show.
Peter Meyer
Peter joins Jim to help him celebrate 7 years on the air and to talk about what to do when your business begins to grow.

Tuesday - November 16, 2004

Floyd Hurt
Floyd joins Jim to help him celebrate seven years on the air and to talk about what has changed for small businesses over that time.
Bill Dunkelberg
Jim and Bill talk about a recent report on what small business owners are saying about the economy.
Lance Kurke, Ph.D.
Jim and Lance talk about reframing your problems and how to be a leader in your organization. They also discuss how critical building strategic alliances is.
Steve Chandler
Jim and Steve discuss making transitions in your management style without creating a casualty list.

Wednesday - November 17, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jim to help him celebrate seven years on the air and to talk about what has helped make home based business possible.
Tim Berry
Jim and Tim celebrate seven years of being on the air and talk about what happens when your business gets the seven year itch.
Steve DelBianco
Steve joins Jim to help us understand national sales tax issue and tell us how to influence your elected representatives.
Ivan Misner
Jim and Ivan discuss what's different with networking in other countries versus the United States.

Thursday - November 18, 2004

Steve joins Jim to talk about how your small business can compete with big businesses successfully. <br></["br"]>
Steve Forbes
Steve joins Jim to talk about outsourcing and other issues in the economy that will affect small businesses.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about the issues in this week's Kiplinger Letter

Friday - November 19, 2004

William Hubbartt
William joins Jim to discuss the growth of teleworking and how to manage keeping up with the people in your organization.
Karen Kerrigan
Jim and Karen discuss the policies that effect entrepreneurs and how Karen's organization has become an advocate for small businesses.
Tom Asacker
Tom joins Jim to discuss the relationships between customers, your business and your employees.
Governor Pete du Pont
Jim and Pete talk about what happened in the presidential elections and what is to come for small business owners in the next four years.

Monday - November 22, 2004

Bob Negen
Bob joins Jim to talk about creating an experience for your customer and how to keep them coming back to do business with you.
Governor Gilmore joins Jim to talk about the results of the efforts of the government to make America safer.
Jim Basker
Jim joins our Jim to talk about some of the important contributions of this American founder and visionary.

Tuesday - November 23, 2004

Suzanne Mulvehill
Jim and Suzanne discuss how to get through the challenges in your small business, especially what to do before the money starts flowing.
Ray Keating
Ray joins Jim to give a report on the SBEC's latest Small Business Survival Index and to talk about how individual states contribute to the national economy.
Ellen joins Jim to discuss how to overcome differences in your family business.
Dolf de Roos
Jim and Dolf discuss the many benefits of owning your business's real estate, instead of renting.

Wednesday - November 24, 2004

Jeffrey joins Jim to help small business owners transition into a new century of selling.
Bill Brandt
Jim and Bill talk about the current state of the economy, health care and then tort reform.
Gary Zukav
Jim and Gary discuss looking at the powerful effect the choices you make as a small business owner have on your life and those around you.
Doug Campbell
Jim and Doug talk about Small Business Success Stories - key challenges for entrepreneurs and how they overcame them.

Thursday - November 25, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim on Thanksgiving to talk about home based business issues.
Jim Blasingame
Jim tells a story about cause and effect and how one person can make a difference in the course of human history. He goes on to talk about this week's Kiplinger letter.
John O'Donohue
John joins Jim to talk about his new book and the inspiration his writing brings to his readers.

Friday - November 26, 2004

Ruth Sherman
Ruth explains to Jim that anyone can learn charisma and she gives tips on how to persuade anyone of anything.
Steve Martin
Jim and Steve continue their profit series to help you understand how to squeeze every penny out of every dollar of sales.
Scott shares with Jim his great entrepreneurial story and some of the things he has learned through his experiences in the medical and business worlds.
Rich Galen
Richard joins Jim to talk about his experience in Iraq and the issues happening there now.

Monday - November 29, 2004

Priscilla Huff
Priscilla joins Jim for the first time to talk about how you should decide what business to go into.
Ken Blanchard
Ken joins Jim to talk about his new book <i>Customer Mania!</i> and the journey to create great customers that inspired this book.
Renee Schaaf
Jim and Renee discuss the difficulty of going from capitalizing your business to the point where you can set aside money for your retirement and your employees' retirement.
Rich joins Jim to help us understand the importance of doing a good job of presenting yourself well online.

Tuesday - November 30, 2004

Jim and Jack discuss what to do proactively in your sales strategy to have a good new year.
Rick Pinion
Rick joins Jim to talk about the reasons people don't prepare for the estate tax bill and explain how to do it.
Jim and Steven discuss five ways to improve the success level at work and why stress needs to be removed from your organization.
Debbie and Lynn join Jim to talk about the upcoming 2005 Office Depot Success Strategies for Businesswomen's Conference. Debbie shares some great ways to market your business, yourself and your product.