John O'Donohue

Interview with John O'Donohue

John joins Jim to talk about his new book and the inspiration his writing brings to his readers.

Category: Work-Life, Balance

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Joining Jim from Ireland to help him celebrate St. Patrick's Day, John talks with Jim about how the holiday is celebrated in Ireland, plus all of the wonderful Irish wisdom that John is known for. This is one of Jim's favorite interviews.
All the way from Ireland, this is John's 8th time to help Jim broadcast his Christmas show, with his unique way of getting all of us into the holiday spirit.
John joins Jim to share some wisdom and inspiration on Christmas Eve.
John joins Jim to talk about Christmas traditions in Ireland.
John joins Jim on Good Friday from his home in Ireland to talk about the spiritual side of our lives. This archive features a visit with a spiritual scholar who helps us slow down and appreciate the need to nurture our spirit as well as to belong to something greater than ourselves.