Steven Carney

Steven H. Carney received a B.A. degree, with a major in Architecture, from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. After graduation, he took professional-level workshops and classes in graphic design, psychology, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy. Later, he took computer classes and workshops, including AutoCAD. He has also studied anatomy, ergonomics, sales and marketing, and management. Recently, he took an intensive training course and became a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC).

He has designed, built, and renovated homes, co-produced a jazz album, and taught workshops in creativity and invention prototypes. He has worked with several volunteer organizations, including an inventors group where he served as a board member, exhibit chairman, and conference co-chairman. He also coordinated a 150 member wine and food tasting group.

He has worked in many industries, including residential and commercial furniture, copiers, retail store equipment, ergonomics, and other products and services. He has worked with various customers and clients—from individual to corporate and government, including individual and group consulting and training.
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