Tuesday - June 01, 2004

Rick Maurer
Rick joins Jim to make his case for change.
Jim Ballard
James joins Jim to talk about gaining and maintaining balance in leadership.
Eugene Griessman
Gene joins Jim to share several of the 99 ways to get more out of every day.
Kathleen joins Jim to talk about a project to help women entrepreneurs in the marketplace.

Wednesday - June 02, 2004

Don Lambro
Jim and Don compare and contrast President Bush and John Kerry's stands on spending.
Jane Howard
Jane joins Jim to talk about going on vacation and how to delegate tasks to your employees while you're gone.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Kirk joins Jim to talk about the things small businesses can learn from big businesses about running an office.
Christopher Lowell
Christopher joins Jim to talk about how he got into interior decorating and how to incorporate style into your office.

Thursday - June 03, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jim to talk about how to get through the tough times in your small business and the attitude you need for success.
Jack Uldrich
Jim and Jack talk about the changes in nanotechnology and how it is changing the world and small business.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about the shortage of oil and the rising cost of gasoline and the most recent Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - June 04, 2004

Rich Galen
Richard joins Jim to talk about what is really going on in Iraq, not just what you hear on the news.
Steve DelBianco
Steve joins Jim to talk about what spyware is and how it is affecting computers. Steve gives some tips on how to get rid of it.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don talk about deciding who is a good prospect and how to train employees in networking.
Bob McTeer
Bob joins Jim to give a Mid-cycle FED report and talk about the growth of the GDP.

Monday - June 07, 2004

Don Lambro
Don, a senior journalist, joins Jim to remember the many interviews he had with President Ronald Reagan.
Karen Kerrigan
Karen joins Jim to talk about President Ronald Reagan's effect on 21st century business owners.
Steven joins Jim to reveal the secrets to eliminating workplace dysfunction.
Karen Cortell Reisman
Jim and Karent share the number one communication skill that will increase productivity.

Tuesday - June 08, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about some leadership lessons from Ronald Reagan.
John Berthoud
John Fox
John Fox and John Berthoud join Jim Blasingame to discuss and debate U.S. tax policy.
Noah St. John
Noah joins Jim to talk about the importance of putting your best foot forward with yourself.
Dolf de Roos
Jim and Dolf discuss the benefits of owning your own business, instead of renting.

Wednesday - June 09, 2004

Karen Post
Karen joins Jim to answer the question, "Is it time to re-brand your company?" They give some tips on how to re-brand your company if it is time.
Sam Norwood
Sam joins Jim to talk about the growth in small business conditions and the economy.
Bill Treasurer
Jim and Bill talk about making bold decions and taking risks to succeed in small business.
Arky Ciancutti
Jim and Arky talk about the execution element of trust and how to recognize the innate motivation your employees have.

Thursday - June 10, 2004

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about how to know when and if it's time to move your business out of the home.
Donald Boudreaux
Donald joins Jim to talk about President Ronald Reagan's achievements and his leadership abilities.
Ken joins Jim to talk about state spending and other issues covered in this week's Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - June 11, 2004

William Hubbartt
Bill joins Jim as they remember Ronald Reagan and talk about how to best manage your employees without getting into a bind.
Governor Pete du Pont
Jim and Governor du Pont talk about the impact President Reagan had on America during his administration and how he is still affecting the world.
Laura joins Jim to talk about working virtually with your customers and even employees.
Rich Galen
Rich joins Jim to give tribute to Ronald Reagan.

Monday - June 14, 2004

Tom Asacker
Jim and Tom talk about how to set your organization apart from the rest of the competition.
Russell Brown
Russell joins Jim to talk about how to look at downward business trends when buying a new business.
Tony Jeary
Jim and Tony talk about how things have changed over the last few years in regards to giving presentations.
Jim Blasingame
Jim reflects on President Ronald Reagan's life as an actor, a leader and as the President of the United States.

Tuesday - June 15, 2004

John joins Jim to talk about his experiences with entrepreneurialism in the tire business. They also discuss what John's company, Banc Card, helps small business owners.
Jim Blasingame
Jim explains how your intellectual property sets you apart from your competition.
Walter Olson
Walter joins Jim to talk about the various important documents in history and why they were forged.
Ivan Misner
Jim and Ivan talk about the things that make a person and business successful.

Wednesday - June 16, 2004

Jim and Jack talk about the NFIB summit, who will be there and what small businesses will gain from it. They also talk about what the NFIB is doing for small business in Washington, D.C.
Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jim talk about the growing need of a home office in the American home. Jeff shares some tips on how to make your home office perfect.
Doug Barry
Jim and Doug talk about how U.S. Commercial Service can help businesses in exporting.
Jack Mitchell
Jim and Jack discuss how to build a relationship with your customers and make them want to return to do business with you.

Thursday - June 17, 2004

Bruce joins Jim at the NFIB summit to talk about what he found out by talking to small business owners.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill joins Jim at the NFIB summit to talk about business problems he sees when he talks to NFIB members.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan cover the issues in this week's Kiplinger Letter face to face.

Friday - June 18, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim meets with Bill and JoAnn Laguardia, small business owners, to talk about their contribution to American small business.
Ken Carney, a small business owner, joins Jim at the NFIB summit to talk about what he does to keep ahead of his competition.

Monday - June 21, 2004

Jim and Jack talk about how important first impressions are to making a sale and building rapport with your customers.
Steve Martin
Steve joins Jim to continue their series on improving profitability.
Dave Anderson
Dave joins Jim to share some steps to fix, build, or stretch your organization.
Philippa Gamse
Jim and Philippa explain what a firewall is and discuss firewall software capabilities.

Tuesday - June 22, 2004

Mike joins Jim to give an update on the Iraqi marketplace in the last few days of the American occupation.
Rick Pinion
Rick joins Jim to give a quiz on financial planning and they answer the questions some business owners might have about IRA's.
Jim and Phyllis talk about professional memberships and why they're important to small business owners.
JoAnna Brandi
JoAnna joins Jim to talk about the importance of recognizing that you are setting the culture of your business.

Wednesday - June 23, 2004

Jim Donovan
Jim Donovan joins our Jim to share his thoughts on outsourcing and how consumers benefit from it.
Bill Brandt
Bill joins Jim to talk about China's marketplace in relation to the United States' marketplace.
Ilise Benun
Ilise joins Jim talk about voicemail and how to use it to your advantage.
Geary Broadnax
Jim and Geary talk about customer relationship management software and how it will help your business.

Thursday - June 24, 2004

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about how much money can be saved by doing business out of your home.
Dr. J. Patrick Raines
Patrick joins Jim to talk about how he and his department are giving students the tools to go on to be entrepreneurs.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan discuss the events covered in this week's Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - June 25, 2004

Suzanne Mulvehill
Jim and Suzanne talk about how important emotional endurance is to the success of your small business.
Len Marrella
Jim and Len talk about the state of ethics in today's marketplace.
Giovanni Coratolo
Giovanni joins Jim to discuss what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is doing for small business.
Lois Geller
Lois joins Jim share ideas about how to put your customers first in your marketing and advertising.

Monday - June 28, 2004

Ray Keating
Ray and Elinor, two of our top economists, join Jim to talk about the transfer of power in Iraq and to give a FED update.
Floyd Hurt
Jim and Floyd talk about how to get the most out of advertising for your small business.
Bill Huss
Jim and Bill tlak about the difference between mediation and arbitration.

Tuesday - June 29, 2004

As Michael leaves Iraq after 8 months of service, he joins Jim to provide us with a report on the day after the U.S. hands over the administration of Iraq to Iraqis.
Barbara Weltman
Jim and Barbara talk about tax issues for people conducting online selling.
Philip and Janet join Jim to share their experiences in entrepreneurship and to talk about their recent award.
Gail Goodman
Jim and Gail talk about the importance of building a customer and prospect database.

Wednesday - June 30, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim shares how important financial statements are to the operation of your business and other information that is essential to success in small business.
Rich Galen
Rich spent 6 months in Iraq recently and he joins Jim to report on the Iraqi handover.
Matt, a young entrepreneur, joins Jim to talk about how he got started and what he plans to do with the scholarship he received from VISA.
John Dini
John joins Jim to give some tips on how to train new employees so they are efficient and organized in their new job.