Wednesday - December 01, 2004

Andrea shares with Jim the results of a survey by Mastercard and Harris Interactive on giving the perfect gifts.
Chad Moutray
Jim and Chad talk about the increase in the GDP and the growth in America's economy. They also talk about regulations, bills and laws that are affecting small businesses.
Jim and Jeffrey talk about conquering the challenges of freight distribution and the challenges of owning a family business.
Rosalene Glickman
Rosalene joins Jim to give some tips on how to master situations quickly by using optimal thinking and how to get your employees to become optimal thinkers.

Thursday - December 02, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jim to talk about how to handle inconveniences like jury duty that take time away from your small business.
Tony Paradiso
Jim and Tony discuss the tension between driving the top line and the bottom line in small businesses.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan discuss the weakening of the U.S. dollar against other countries and other issues covered in the Kiplinger Letter this week.

Friday - December 03, 2004

Phil brings Jim some financial news about holiday spending. Spending is up, but can consumers really afford it?
Ilise Benun
Ilise joins Jim to talk abut how to decide what to buy clients for Christmas and how much money to spend.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about doing thorough cleaning in your small business in December, rather than in the spring.
James joins Jim to talk about managing your own finances to achieve happiness and success.

Monday - December 06, 2004

Don Lambro
Don joins Jim to talk politics. They discuss the aftermath of the presidential elections and how Congress is working.
Peter, an organization expert, joins Jim to explain a few simple things small business owners can do to streamline the organization.
John Dini
Jim and John talk about the Christmas holidays and how to be reasonable about bonuses for your employees.
Russell Brown
Russell joins Jim to talk about how to decide where to locate your small business and how to get information about your competition in the area.

Tuesday - December 07, 2004

Karen Harned
Karen joins Jim to give an update on the current tax reform issues and to talk about how these issues will affect small business owners.
Sam Norwood
Jim and Sam discuss the latest Tatum Business Conditions Survey of economic conditions and speculate what the business conditions will be like in the new year.
Jim Donovan
Jim joins our Jim to help us sort out our personal lives and our business lives.
Jeffrey Dobkin
Jeffrey joins Jim to examine how small business owners approach customers with their marketing techniques.

Wednesday - December 08, 2004

Pam Danziger
Jim and Pam discuss how small business owners can provide customers with what they need instead of just what they need.
Donald Boudreaux
Don joins Jim on the anniversary of the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement to talk about free trade in the current economy.
Christina Cavanagh
Jim and Christina discuss technology that allows small business owners to stay on top of their communications.
Gene Siciliano
Gene joins Jim to explain the importance of having a diversified customer base.

Thursday - December 09, 2004

Dr. Weir jons Jim to address the findings of a new Harris Interactive survey and reveal why the winter holidays are a particularly dangerous time for adults with high blood pressure.
Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about the stresses of the holiday season that can take a toll on a small business owner's heart and health.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about how frivilous law suits cost small business owners millions of dollars each year and other issues in this week's Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - December 10, 2004

Jim Camp
Jim joins our Jim to talk about how there is never a win-win situation in negotiating.
John Fox
John Fox joins Jim Blasingame to answer the question, "Who will be the 'owners' in President Bush's 'ownership society?'"
Dave Anderson
Jim and Dave discuss three key decisions small business owners need to make in order to be successful in the new year.

Monday - December 13, 2004

Quint Studer
Quint joins Jim to give advice on how to delegate jobs to the right employees so your organization will run smoothly.
Barbara Weltman
Jim and Barbara discuss tax issues that affect small business owners.
Anita Rosen
Anita joins Jim to discuss the different aspects of e-Commerce and to help small businesses understand how to make your website customer friendly.
Patricia Greene
Patricia joins Jim to talk about women and venture capital.

Tuesday - December 14, 2004

Robert joins Jim to help make complex technology more simple and to give explanations about new technologies.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill joins Jim for the Fed Watch show plus to give a report on what small business owners are saying about the economy.
Terry joins Jim to give an update on how her small business is running two months after the opening.
Julie and Wilma join Jim to talk about women entrepreneurs and other minorities entering the small business world. They also identify the challenges women face that men don't.

Wednesday - December 15, 2004

Bill Treasurer
Jim and Bill discuss several ways you can make a difference in the world.
David Dawsey
David joins Jim to talk about how intellectual property can either make or break small businesses.
Tamar Jacoby
Tamar joins Jim to talk about winning the border battle - why the current immigration issues are important to small business.
Sam Reese
Sam joins Jim to share some classic selling techniques for the 21st century.

Thursday - December 16, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jim to help wind down this year and get started for the next.
Hector Barreto
Karen Kerrigan
Karen and Hector join Jim to talk about a reacent economic summit and what small business owners could learn from it. Hector also shares some breaking news with Jim.
Jim Ostroff
Jim joins our Jim to give an update on issues in this week's Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - December 17, 2004

William Hubbartt
Bill joins Jim to step back and look at the bigger picture and discuss what's coming up in human resources trends.
Rob Jolles
Rob and Jim discuss the importance of role playing in sales training.
Steven Gaffney
Seven joins Jim to talk about how just being honest will help small business owners with their new year's resolutions in 2005.
Eva Rosenberg
Jim and Eva go beyond taxes and talk about the mistakes small businesses make.

Monday - December 20, 2004

Phyllis joins Jim to give some ideas on how to motivate the employees in your organization.
John Berthoud
Jim and John discuss what the next four years under President Bush means for small business owners and tax reform opportunities.
Bob joins Jim to stick a finger in the eye of political correctness.
Tim Berry
Jim and Tim talk about what has changed in business planning because of technology and the changes that are coming in the next year.

Tuesday - December 21, 2004

John Stanton
John joins Jim to share some stories that illustrate what's going on in the marketplace.
Denise Austin
Denise joins Jim to help us learn how to stay in shape during the holiday season.
Brad Huisken
Brad joins Jim to share the ten new year's resolutions for sales managers and salespeople.

Wednesday - December 22, 2004

Harry joins Jim to help you answer the question, "are you a micro manager?"
Beverly Inman-Ebel
Jim and Beverly discuss diversity and tolerance during the holiday season. They also talk about how to grow your small business.
Max shares with Jim some the benefits of using an accounts management service.
Karen Kerrigan
Jim and Karen talk about the President's recent economic summit.

Thursday - December 23, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim to share what's going on in the world of home based business and how owners of these businesses can get some help.
Alan Freedman
Jim and Alan discuss the legal battles Microsoft is going through and some new technology.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to discuss economic issues and other things covered in this week's Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - December 24, 2004

Jim Ballard
James joins Jim to share some holiday inspiration on Christmas Eve.
John O'Donohue
John joins Jim to share some wisdom and inspiration on Christmas Eve.
Judy Lawrence
Judy joins Jim to talk about the attitude around giving and receiving. They go on to discuss 2005 budgetin ideas.

Monday - December 27, 2004

Bill joins Jim to share some ways to start off your 2005 prospects the right way.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick discuss some financial plans that will get you and your small business started on the right track for 2005.
Ann and Jim talk about how to get in shape this new year so you can stay healthy and run your small business efficiently.
Paul Casey
Paul joins Jim to give five tips for starting a business in 2005.

Tuesday - December 28, 2004

Matthew Cartwright
Matthew joins Jim to talk about oral business agreements.
Noah St. John
Noah talks to Jim about getting an "extreme makeover" for your head.
Renee Schaaf
Renee and Mary join Jim to discuss some financial plans and how employees and employers can take advantage of them.

Wednesday - December 29, 2004

Chester Elton
Chester joins Jim to talk about the growth of the Chinese economy and how to encourage and reward company loyalty from employees to customers.
Jonathan Zuck
Jonathon joins Jim during the last week of 2004 to talk about the I/T public policy issues for 2005.
Jim joins our Jim to explain how to stay at the top of your game, mentally and physically.
Doug Stives
Jim and Doug cover many topics including different types of retirement plans, electronic tax filing, and the services available through a CPA.

Thursday - December 30, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jeff joins Jim to help listeners decide which type of home-based business is right for them.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Jim and Kirk talk about finding outside funding for your small business.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don discuss the difference between up-selling and add-on selling and how dangerous it is to impose your own values on customers when they're buying from you.
Gerald Celente
Gerald joins Jim to talk about the upcoming trends of 2005.