Monday - September 01, 2003

Jim Blasingame
On Labor Day, Jim talks about the history of the holiday, and the events that led up to the adoption of Labor Day as a federal holiday.
Bob Dilenschneider
Bob joins Jim on Labor Day to talk about how the holiday has changed over the years, and its significance in the 21st century.
Burton Folsom
Burt joins Jim for their traditional Labor Day discussion. They discuss the history of Labor Day and labor rights.

Tuesday - September 02, 2003

Howard, a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, talks to Jim about how the emphasis on happiness at work is important. They also discuss who the Dalai Lama is.
Fred Siegel
Fred joins Jim to talk about gaining a better understanding of investing activity.
Don Lambro
Don joins Jim to answer the question, "Is the Middle East disintegrating on American foreign policy?"
Peter Meyer
Jim and Peter talk about Finding new markets.

Wednesday - September 03, 2003

Barbara joins Jim to talk about taking control of your professional life.
Russell Brown
Russell, a business buying and selling expert, joins Jim to explain the laws of the business buying and selling jungle.
Jim and Wilma talk about the important strides women in the marketplace are making. They discuss what women are good at that men aren't, which is asking questions.
Pia Orrenius
Pia, an economy expert, joins Jim to talk about the 21st century population explosion in the U.S. and what that means to the economy.

Thursday - September 04, 2003

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley continue their series on tips for homebased businesses. They talk about the choices you have in receiving your mail.
Jon joins Jim to share how to use humor to your advantage.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about what is in the Kiplinger Letter this week. They discuss what Congress is doing about energy, federal spending bills, and medicare bills.

Friday - September 05, 2003

Ilise Benun
Jim and Ilise talk about search engines and how to use them to promote your business.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Kirk joins Jim to share how to get back to basics in a small business.
Bill Huss
Jim and Bill talk about the California governor recall election. They discuss who the candidates are and what the possible outcomes are.
Jonathan Zuck
Jonathon joins Jim to talk about techonology public policy and then some new technology.

Monday - September 08, 2003

Tom Asacker
Tom joins Jim to talk about building relationships in an age of chaos, complexity, and change.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick talk about Social security and your financial plan.
Jim and Taryn begin their conversation by talking about how Dr. Rose began her business. She explains why she got out of the medical field to start her business.
Bill Brandt
Bill updates Jim on how some new laws are affecting small businesses.

Tuesday - September 09, 2003

Jack shares with Jim some ways to improve your organization's sales performance.
Grace-Marie Arnett
Jim and Grace-Marie discuss current issues in the healthcare debate. They talk about healthcare public policy that affects small business owners.
Jordan Goodman
Jordan joins Jim to share some tips on how to avoid being a Wall Street victim.
Jim and Jay talk about virtual marketplaces. They discuss how using this important tool can help a small business increase revenue.

Wednesday - September 10, 2003

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff talk about home-based business and teleworking issues, including SPAM. They discuss why spammers have made it difficult for ligitimate marketers to get their word out.
Sam Norwood
Sam joins Jim to report on the most recent Tatum Business Conditions Survey.
Todd shares with Jim the dynamics of collecting revenue from online customers.
Steve Chandler
Jim and Steve talk about some of the 50 powerful ideas to improve your sales.

Thursday - September 11, 2003

Michael Muetzel
Michael joins Jim to talk about the differences in environment and employee bases in the 21st century.
Rich Galen
Jim and Rich take time to remember the events of September 11th, 2001. Rich shares his thoughts on how many things have become typical again. They talk about how this return to "normal" indicates our victory over terror.
Rick joins Jim to talk about this week's Kiplinger Letter. Rick predicts the state of the economy in 2004. At the end of their discussion, Rick and Jim share thoughts about what 9-11 means to them and the nation.

Friday - September 12, 2003

Richard DeKaser
Ray Keating
Ray starts by giving his thoughts on where the economy is based on fundamentals. Richard then talks about the recovering economy. They go on to talk about what the Federal Open Market Committee will talk about at their upcoming meeting.
Maria joins Jim to talk about what needed to happen in order for golf to be more accommodating to women.
Melanie R. Sabelhaus
Jim and Melanie talk about National Entrepreneurial Conference and Expo and what small business owners can learn from it.

Monday - September 15, 2003

Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim as he broadcasts live from the Kiplinger offices in Washington, D.C. They discuss the deficit and how it will affect the country the rest of the decade.
Knight Kiplinger
Knight joins Jim during Kiplinger's 80th anniversary in their offices. Knight recounts how Kiplinger got started and describes the life of a third generation small business.
Ted joins Jim as he broadcasts live at the Kiplinger offices during their 80th anniversary. Ted talks about financial management.

Monday - September 22, 2003

Jan Yager
Jan joins Jim to discuss the dynamics of friendships.
Bill Dunkelberg
Bill joins Jim to share the results of the NFIB's most recent small business survey.
Hamilton Beazley
Hamilton and Jim begin by talking about what happened in Washington, D.C. during Small Business Week. They also talk about managing our knowledge assets.
Rebecca Boenigk
Rebecca shares with Jim some lessons from a public company that went private.

Tuesday - September 23, 2003

Tony Paradiso
Jim and Tony continue their discussion on business ethics.
Stephen Moore
Stephen and Jim talk about the new Democratic Presidential candidate and what President Bush must do to get reelected.
Helen joins Jim to explain how the latest fashions make it from the runway to the retail stores.
Brian Tracy
Brain shares some tips with Jim on How to get everything you want in your small business and your personal life.

Wednesday - September 24, 2003

Suzanne Mulvehill
Suzanne joins Jim to talk about putting entrepreneurship and marketing together.
Andrew J. Sherman
Andrew and Jim begin their conversation talking about their meeting at Small Business Week and women entrepreneurship. They go on to talk about what the marketplace looks like.
Robert Bly
Bob joins Jim for the first time to discuss the importance of improving your personal skills in marketing.
Paula Lovell
Paula shares with Jim some insight into marketing for a small business. They talk about ways to maximize your marketing dollars. Paula explains the importance of joining your Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday - September 25, 2003

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff talk about the new trend of starting home-based business to ensure stability. They discuss how taking this risk does not guarantee success.
Jim Blasingame
Connie joins Jim to discuss the hurdles women have overcome to be equal to men in the business world. They also talk about women's networking skills.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim for their weekly discussion of the Kiplinger Letter. They talk about the improvement in the job market.

Friday - September 26, 2003

William Hubbartt
Bill joins Jim to discuss what to do about people in your organization who are habitually late.

Monday - September 29, 2003

Kristin Arnold
Kristin joins Jim to give some ideas on team energizing, practical team activities for your organization.
Ray Keating
Jim and Ray discuss the new Small Business Survival Index.
Jay joins Jim to talk about what big business has learned about doing business small business.

Tuesday - September 30, 2003

Georgia Donovan
Georgia joins Jim to give some tips on giving a good first impression in business. They talk about how to know what to say and when to say it.
Jane Howard
Pierce Howard
Jane and Pierce join Jim to discuss how to make sure your personality works for you and not against you.
Kristin joins Jim talk about her experience as an attorney, judge, and entrepreneur. They discuss the changes regarding women in the marketplace that have taken place since she began in the late 70's.
Jim and Tim discuss the emotional and psychological effects of the online world.