Monday - November 03, 2003

Russell Brown
Jim and Russell continue their series about some of the laws of the business buying and selling jungle.
Jim Donovan
Jim joins our Jim to talk about the importance of gaining and maintaining balance in your life.
Jo Condrill
Jim visits with Jo, one of our top entrepreneurial minds, who's just returned from China.
Jon Gordon
Jon, the energy addict, joins Jim as they share tips on how to increase physical and mental energy.

Tuesday - November 04, 2003

Tom Asacker
Tom joins Jim to talk about the strength of small business, the human connection.
Governor Pete du Pont
Jim and Pete talk about the impact of Election Day in America on planet Earth.
Don Lambro
Don and Jim talk about the elections around the country that could change politics in many states.
W. Michael Cox
Michael joins Jim to talk about the importance of free trade in the 21st century.

Wednesday - November 05, 2003

Mark Mayberry
Mark joins Jim to explain how out of all the things small business owners manage, managing change is one of the most important.
Gary Shilling
Gary joins Jim as they answer the question is deflation a real threat in our global economy?
Annabel Dodd
Jim and Annabel discuss the advent and maturity of wireless telecommunication.
Ivan Misner
Ivan joins Jim to explain the impact of the "No call" legislation on networking.

Thursday - November 06, 2003

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff talk about marketing being a matter of getting your name out there, and not just through advertising.
Steve DelBianco
Jim and Steve talk about technology public policy.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan begin their visit by talking about bad news in healthcare. They talk about how it will get better, but not before it gets worse.

Friday - November 07, 2003

Jim and Joe talk about the Association Health Plans legislation that is currently before the U.S. Senate.
Steve Martin
Steve joins Jim to continue their series on profitability.
Matthew Cartwright
Matthew joins Jim to discuss predatory legal practices balanced against the right to sue.

Monday - November 10, 2003

Michael Muetzel
Michael shares with Jim how management needs to approach younger generations.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick talk about financial plans and making investments.
Tom joins Jim to report on a recent survey of small businesses about the economy and their future expectations.

Tuesday - November 11, 2003

Kirk Cheyfitz
Kirk shares with Jim some timeless rules for managing a successful business.
Wayne Crews
Jim and Wayne talk black ice, the invisible threat of terrorism. They define cyberterrorism and discuss who would be considered a terrorist.
Ron joins Jim on Veterans Day to honor U.S. veterans, past and present.
Peter Meyer
Jim and Peter answer the question: who is really responsible for your small business's future? They talk about how easy it is to blame others for the failure of a business.

Wednesday - November 12, 2003

Michael Harrison
With all that is going on in talk radio with Rush Limbaugh and others, Michael and Jim talk about the future of talk radio.
Renee Grant-Williams
Renee joins Jim during flu season to give some tips on using your voice to captivate, persuade, and command attention even when you might be sick.
Charles Kadlec
Charles joins Jim to give a report on the nation's economy.
Ron Peterson
Ron joins Jim to talk about the future of your business and building capital. They start out by discussing how technology is the richest resource in the nation.

Thursday - November 13, 2003

Judith and Dr. Fink join Jim to discuss coping with the challenging diagnosis of bipolar disorder.
Sam Norwood
Sam and Jim start of their visit by talking about estate tax returns. Sam then gives a report on the most recent Tatum Business Conditions Survey.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim for their weekly review of the Kiplinger Letter. They also talk about what's going on with the filabuster in the Senate.

Friday - November 14, 2003

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley talk about politics and what Jim refers to as "the small business party." They discuss how important it is to be active in politics to benefit small business.
Chad Moutray
Chad joins Jim to share what he has learned about small business by meeting academics.
Julie and Doctor Kulze join Jim to answer the question "How do I eat healthy without eating at home?"
Arky Ciancutti
Arky joins Jim to talk about installing a culture of trust in your organization.

Monday - November 17, 2003

Cleta Mitchell
Cleta, who was the first guest six years ago, joins Jim to talk about laws affecting small businesses in the United States.
JoAnna Brandi
Jim and JoAnna talk about maximizing customer loyatly in your small business. They discuss how culture plays a role in the success of a business.
Judy Smolski
Judy joins Jim for the first time to talk about how 21st century technology levels the playing field for small business.

Tuesday - November 18, 2003

Ilise Benun
Ilise joins Jim more than five years after her first appearance on the show. They talk about email filtering and the effects it has on your email marketing.
Karen Kerrigan
Jim and Karen talk about the long list of what the Small Business Survival committee is doing for small businesses. One big issue they are working on is healthcare.
Steve Forbes
Steve joins Jim to talk about an important issue concerning entrepreneurs: Social Security reform. They discuss how to turn this liability into an asset.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
Cherie, one of the show's leading entrepreneurs, joins Jim to talk about women emerging in the marketplace and the success of women as entrepreneurs.

Wednesday - November 19, 2003

Grace-Marie Turner
Grace-Marie joins Jim during the show's anniversary week to discuss some current issues in the healthcare debate.
Hector Barreto
Hector joins Jim to discuss the many ways the SBA is helping small businesses.
Wally Bock
Wally joins Jim to share some online strategies for your small business.
Floyd Hurt
Jim and Floyd talk about what motivates and keeps small business owners going.

Thursday - November 20, 2003

Dr. Squires joins Jim as the Red Cross celebrates the conclusion of the Save A Life Tour 2003.
Barbara Weltman
Jim and Barbara talk about year-end small business tax issues.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan talk about the events in the Middle East that coincided with the President's trip to London.

Friday - November 21, 2003

William Hubbartt
Bill joins Jim to talk about how to increase your relationship with your employees with total compensation packages.
Jonathan Zuck
Jim and Jonathon help you understand the capabilities of new technology.
Jim Ballard
James shares some tips with Jim on how to free yourself up by delegating more tasks to your employees.
Bob McTeer
Bob joins Jim to catch up on what the FED has been doing. They talk about the lack of changes in policy, which has helped small businesses.

Monday - November 24, 2003

Karen Post
Karen and Jim talk about creating a brand that is the glue between your product and the marketplace.
John Dini
John joins Jim for second show in the series on bringing professionals into a personal service business.
Jim and Carry talk about health plans that drive down the cost of medical plans. They also discuss the importance of informing employees about the actual cost of healthcare.
Lance and Jim talk about the importance of cyber security in small businesses and being less naive about security breaches.

Tuesday - November 25, 2003

Trudy Jean Evans
Trudy joins Jim to discuss the benefits of being an entrepreneur as opposed to working in the corporate world. They go on to talk about being a mentor in the world of small businesses.
Rick Maurer
Jim and Rick talk about change and a survey about change in small business, government, and other places.
Jim Houtz
Jim Houtz joins our Jim to talk about the changes in small business due to internet marketing, email, and other technology in the last ten years.
Gail Goodman
Gail joins Jim and gives an update on recent SPAM legislation that affects small business owners.

Wednesday - November 26, 2003

Tom joins Jim to talk about making a "fair tax" possible through a national sales tax. They discuss the bill, which is currently in the senate, that would bring the fair tax about.
Adam and Jim talk about taking your current cell phone number with you to a new company when you find a better package.
Bill Brandt
Jim and Bill talk about the good news in the economy and the growth in consumer confidence and profit.

Thursday - November 27, 2003

Jeff Zbar
Jeff and Jim talk about taking things for granted and just acknowledging these things, especially during Thanksgiving.
Ken spends some time with Jim on Thanksgiving morning to talk about the Kiplinger Letter. Tax cuts are high on the list, and Ken gives some details on the legislation that includes tax revisions.

Friday - November 28, 2003

Len Marrella
Len shares with Jim his observations of the ethical behavior of human beings and what needs to change if we are to survive.
Andrea Nierenberg
Andrea joins Jim to help the people who aren't good at breaking the ice.
Anita Rosen
Jim and Anita talk about the importance of understanding business online, including e-customer service. Anita shares some tips on how to get people to come to your website.
Skip Miller
As we approach the end of the year, Skip shares with Jim how to get more production out of the year. They also talk about how to prepare for 2004.