Rob Salkowitz

Rob Salkowitz is a writer and consultant specializing in the social implications of new technology. In addition to Generation Blend, he is co-author of Listening to the Future (with Dan Rasmus), a collection of white papers on the intersection of globalization, demographics, networked connectivity and transparency on the future of the workplace, produced for Microsoft in 2005-2007. He has worked with Microsoft, HP and other global businesses to communicate the benefits of high-tech products to enterprise customers. In 2003, Rob joined the board of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), a New York City-based non-profit dedicated to providing technology training to older adults looking to participate in their communities or re-enter the workforce.

He is a founding partner of MediaPlant, LLC, a Seattle-based digital communications firm, where he serves as Director of Strategy and Content Development. Throughout the 1990s, he helped to launch seven new businesses ranging from online training to travel information to online resources for potential immigrants, and worked on projects for many of the leading marketing and communication agencies in the Northwest. Rob was born and raised in Philadelphia and earned a BA in International Relations from Columbia University. He and his wife Eunice Verstegen live in Seattle, Washington.

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Is technology creating a collision between the generations? Rob Salkowitz says there is and he talks with Jim Blasingame about the issues surrounding this collision and how to minimize it for your small business.