Bridget Labus

Bridget Labus

Bridget Labus is a pastry chef and co-owner of Sixth Course, an award-winning artisan confectioner's shop in San Francisco.

In 1999 Bridget left her Midwest roots to reclaim the heart she left in San Francisco. Soon after, she enrolled in the baking and pastry program at the Culinary Institute of America Greystone in St. Helena. Since 2001 she has been an Executive Pastry Chef in San Francisco leading the pastry departments of many top fine dining establishments and five star luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons and the St. Regis.

Sixth Course Artisan Confections was formed with business partner Gianina Serrano in 2010. Sixth Course is a modern, San Francisco-based confections company that focuses on authentic handmade truffles infused with fresh herbs, spirits and spices. Since then, Sixth Course has won numerous accolades. Most recently awarded the Best Chocolatier and Confectioner in America by the International Chocolate Salon and official caramels of the 2013 Taste Awards.
Outside of the kitchen Bridget enjoys all the offerings Bay Area and the slopes of the Sierras.

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