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Jim Blasingame
Are you interested in owning a business, but don't want to start from scratch? Here's how. Hint: millions of Baby Boomer business owners are at retirement age, creating an inventory of available sm... » More
Jim Blasingame
When a partnership works, it’s a beautiful thing; when it doesn’t, it defines ugly. If you’re considering a partnership structure for your small business, ask yourself, and your potential partner, ... » More
Barbara Weltman
The last quarter of the year is packed with activities for a small business owner, including year-end planning and budgeting for next year. One more task is deciding on health coverage: selecting t... » More
Connie Certusi
Connie Certusi explains multiple options on how small businesses can overcome the high gasoline prices. » More
Leslie Kossoff
Management in a small business, especially family-owned, can be hectic. Here is an example of what not to do from Leslie Kossoff. » More
David Gage
Family-owned small business are actually three distinct but related systems, with part of each system separate and part bound together. » More
Jeff Zbar
What are you telling your children about the recession? Jeff Zbar offers some tips on what you should tell them. » More
Jeff Zbar
Soloists must survive during this tough economy - the options out there aren't better than what you have. » More
Jeff Zbar
Learn to balance your work and your "life." Jeff Zbar offers some tips. » More
Jeff Zbar
Jeff Zbar gives you the skinny on being a home officer and SOHO Contrarian. » More