Wednesday - September 01, 2004

Barbara Pagano
Barbara joins Jim to talk about the courage it takes to first open a business and then to work every day to keep it going.
Rich joins Jim from the Republican National Convention to give a report on security in New York and to talk about issues being discussed there.
Scott Swedenburg
Jim and Scott discuss the importance of developing a customer and prospect data base and how to develop a great offer.
Phil Holland
Jim and Phil discuss the Top Ten Do's and Top Ten Don'ts on how to finance a business.

Thursday - September 02, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim to dispell the myth that starting a home based business saves owners time.
Rich Galen
Jim and Rich talk abut what President Bush has to do in his acceptance speech tonight.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan discuss the Republican National Convention, the presidential election, and other topics covered in the Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - September 03, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about the importance of paying attention to the aggendas of each political party during this election year.
Don Lambro
Don, one of our top political reporters, joins Jim to take a look at the Republican Convention.
Herb joins Jim to give a report on the financial relief offered to small businesses which were victims of Hurricane Charley.
Jim and Judith discuss how to protect yourself from “energy vampires” at work.

Monday - September 06, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about the origins of Labor Day.
Bob Dilenschneider
Jim and Bob talk about Labor Day and the global challenge of the labor situation.
Ray Keating
Ray joins Jim on Labor Day to discuss the political strength of labor unions and their diminishing strength in the private sector.
Burton Folsom
Jim and Burton discuss the origins of Labor Day and how it evolved.

Tuesday - September 07, 2004

Jim broadcasts live from Washington, D.C. and has a conversation with Lesley, Connecticut's 2004 Small Business Person of the Year.
Sam Norwood
Jim is broadcasting live from Washington, D.C. as he talks to Sam about the most recent Tatum Business Conditions Survey.
Zoltan Acs
Jim and Zoltan discuss why small businesses need to work on the human resources issues and how to do it.
Gerald Celente
Gerald joins Jim to explain all the signs that are pointing towards a recession.
Jim broadcasts live from Washington, D.C. and has a conversation with Lesley, Connecticut's 2004 Small Business Person of the Year.

Wednesday - September 08, 2004

Giovanni Coratolo
Mr. Coratolo speaks with Jim about the importance of the first small business summit hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce during this political season.
Giovanni Coratolo
Jim speaks with Larry Mocha and Mr. Coratolo concerning the need for tort reform and public policy change. Larry shares his story of how a frivolous lawsuit affected his small business.
Jim speaks with guest about the importance of small business political involvement and her own advocacy in the state of California.
William Miller
Jim talks with guest about how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports candidates who support small business.

Thursday - September 09, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff discuss the damage from the hurricanes in Florida and how business owners there are dealing with it.
Mike Stewart
Jim and Mike discuss how small business owners can handle going through changes.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan discuss American pride and how the Presidential campaigns are shaping up.

Friday - September 10, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim recounts his memory of September 11, 2001 shares his ten beliefs about the terrorist attacks and the events that happened in response of the attacks.
Steve Forbes
Steve helps Jim commemorate the events of September 11th, 2001. He gives his thoughts on the attacks and their effects on his life in New York and on the rest of the world.
Jonathan Zuck
Jonathon joins Jim to discuss how technology creates a lot of leverage for good and evil purposes.
Hector Barreto
Jim and Hector discuss the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the SBA's Minority Development Enterprise Week.

Monday - September 13, 2004

Marky Stein
Marky joins Jim to talk about some of the emotions people go through when faced with a career change.
Jim and Douglas discus the reasons ideas don't happen and how to correct that.
John Miller
Jim and John discuss how you can be more accountable.
Leslie Kossoff
Jim and Leslie talk about how to do an initial quality assessment - on your own and at no cost to your business.

Tuesday - September 14, 2004

Tony Paradiso
Jim and Tony continue their discussion from Tony's last visit about business ethics and talk about the challenges of finding capital for a small business.
Pete Sepp
Jim and Peter discuss national tax issues and what decisions the next president will have to make about tax policy.
Julie Morgenstern
Jim and Julie discuss how to not feel overwhelmed at work and why employees need to think like entrepreneurs.
Skip Miller
Jim and Skip discuss Making your sales team work for you.

Wednesday - September 15, 2004

Stephanie Winston
Jim and Stephanie discuss some solutions for organization problems in your small business.
Wally, a great community-minded business owner and Iowa's 2004 Small Business Person of the Year, joins Jim to discuss his company, Metalcraft, and some technology that helps him run his business smoothly.
Arky Ciancutti
Jim and Arky discuss the reasons execution is so important to your small business and Arky gives a different approach to thinking about execution.

Thursday - September 16, 2004

Beverley Williams
Jim and Beverley discuss more myths about home-based businesses and the reality of having a full time job at home to stay with your children.
Bill Dunkelberg
Jim and Bill discuss what small business owners are doing about savings plans and how the hurricane season is affecting the national economy.
Jim and Ken discuss changes to the tax system and other issues in this week's Kiplinger Letter.

Friday - September 17, 2004

William Hubbartt
Jim and Bill discuss the Fair Labor Standards Act and the controversy surrounding it.
Steve Martin
Steve shares with Jim how to run a cost effective organization.
Hamilton Beazley
Hamilton joins Jim to discuss the top ten common mistakes small business owners make.
Rob joins Jim to give a run down of where we are in the over-time rules.

Monday - September 20, 2004

Katie joins Jim for the first time to talk about association health plans and other concerns small business owners have about health care.
Ray Keating
Jim talks with Elinor and Ray about consumer confidence, the current unemployment rate, and other issues concerning small businesses and the economy.
Don Cooper
Jim and Don discuss how to make sure, as a sales person, your customers feel good and how to deliver what they need.
Robert joins Jim to explain the stages in the entrepreneurial life cycle.

Tuesday - September 21, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim explains why it is important to concentrate more on the customer and less on your competition.
Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick discuss financial planner's credentials and how to decide which financial planner is right for you. They go on to talk about buy/sell stock redemption plans.
Kevin joins Jim to talk about how he found his niche and became Colorado's 2004 Small Business Person of the Year.
Russell Brown
Jim and Russell discuss some of the things to look for when buying a new business and how to handle the employees involved in the acquisition.

Wednesday - September 22, 2004

Georgia Donovan
Georgia joins Jim to give some tips on cleaning out closets around the house and business. She explains how this clean space can help with productivity.
Rich Galen
Jim and Rich discuss the Republican and Democratic parties' campaign strategies and talk about what the candidates will need to do during the debates beginning later this month.
Terry shares with Jim the benefits of having a good business plan.
Eugene Griessman
Jim and Gene discuss helping the people around you with their time management skills and how this can help improve organization.

Thursday - September 23, 2004

Len Marrella
Jim and Len share stories of great leaders and the examples they set in their professional and personal lives.
John Dini
John joins Jim to discuss employee theft: what to do if it happens and how to hopefully prevent it.
Austin Kiplinger
Mr. Kiplinger, a witness to a century and an American treasure joins Jim to share some of his wisdom. And it's also his 86th birthday.

Friday - September 24, 2004

Jeff Zbar
Jim and Jeff share some information about the technology needed to stay in contact with customers while travelling.
Andrew J. Sherman
Andrew and Jim discuss conversion franchising and how to decide if being a franchisee is right for you.
Doug Barry
Doug joins Jim to share the resources available to help small business break into the China market.
Ilise Benun
Jim and Ilise talk about how to react to the silence you don't expect to get from clients and customers and how to keep the relationship going.

Monday - September 27, 2004

Lidia Bastianich
Lidia joins Jim for the first time to discuss how to hold family business meetings.
Jon Gordon
Jon joins Jim to share how your attitude has a lot to do with how successful you will be in your small business and to talk about energy being the currency of personal and professional success.
Mark Mayberry
Jim and Mark discuss the turmoil going on in the business world and how to cope with changes in the workplace. They also talk about how to conduct business ethically.
Lois Geller
Jim and Lois discuss how small business owners typically don't have a real budget for marketing and why it is important to have one.

Tuesday - September 28, 2004

Noah St. John
Jim and Noah discuss focusing on making over the mind rather than the outside during the make-over trend in our society.
Wayne Crews
Jim and Wayne discuss the future of enforcing antitrust laws and give examples of large corporations who are having antitrust issues.
Lance Kurke, Ph.D.
Lance joins Jim to discuss the ways Alexander the Great's strategies and vision apply to the 21st century world of business.
Peter Meyer
Peter joins Jim to explain what an elevator speech is, how to create them and why you should have one.

Wednesday - September 29, 2004

Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about the new technologies and practices in the banking industry that make your money move faster.
Kirk Cheyfitz
Jim and Kirk have a debate about which presidential candidate will be the best for small business.
Barbara Kaufman
Jim and Barbara discuss how a good attitude and belief in yourself will bring you closer to success.
Tim Berry
Tim joins Jim from New Orleans at the National Convention of Small Business Development Centers to talk about the importance of planning for your small business.

Thursday - September 30, 2004

Beverley Williams
Beverley joins Jim to help dispell the myth that home-based businesses bring more traffic and strangers to their neighborhood.
Jim Blasingame
Jim talks about how to successfully grow your small business.
Joan Pryde
Jim and Joan discuss the democratic election in Iraq and the chances that it will be successful.