Friday - January 03, 2003

Don Lambro
Jim and Don discuss Iraq and North Korea's impact on us in the new year. They talk about the politics involved and what might happen, a war, or a peaceful resolution. They go on to talk about politics in 2003.
Andrew J. Sherman
Andrew joins Jim to talk about what his outlook on 2003 and the economy. He talks about variables that might affect America's small businesses and the economy.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim at the beginning of a new year to discuss the most recent Kiplinger Letter. They talk about the implications in the population shifts coming up. Joan and Jim point out how population shifts will implement change in the market place.

Monday - January 06, 2003

Jim Blasingame
Jim talks to you about financial new year resolutions, including how to focus on the fundamentals.
Floyd Hurt
When Floyd and Jim get together, it's a wild ride. But they do get down to business and talk about the value of curiosity and the importance of being aware. Oh, and one more thing: Floyd explains the meaning of life.
Nancy Rosanoff
Nancy is one of our top intuition experts, and she and Jim talk about how we can influence our own reality, and our level of success, with the way we think.
Cherié  Carter-Scott
Cherie joins Jim to talk about how to be successful by setting and tracking goals.

Tuesday - January 07, 2003

Kristin Arnold
Jim and Kristin talk about getting teams properly aligned and properly deployed in the new year.
Rick Maurer
Rick joins Jim at the beginning of a new year to talk about making sure new employees can happily "wear the hat" that you give them, and stay on your team for the long haul.
Leslie Kossoff
Jim and Leslie talk about small business owners thinking like executives in order to succeed.

Wednesday - January 08, 2003

Sam Norwood
Sam joins Jim to talk aobut a survey he conducts of what his partners around the country think about the economy. They discuss if economic conditions have gotten better, worse, or stayed the same.
Rick Rickertsen
Jim and Rick talk about now being a great time for entrepreneurs to start their business. Rick explains why there is more optimism in the economy.
W. Michael Cox
Michael joins Jim at the beginning of 2003 to discuss the economic progress of women.

Thursday - January 09, 2003

Jim and Jon talk about how to stay in business even through touch economic times.
Thomas Sullivan
Jim and Thomas talk about the disproportionate affect of regulations on small business. They also discuss the role of government.
Rich Galen
Jim and Richard talk about politics in the new year and what might happen in the Senate.

Friday - January 10, 2003

Jeff Zbar
Jeff and Jim talk about how easy it is to conduct business even when you are away on vacation.
Alan Freedman
Alan joins Jim to talk about new technology in 2003. They discuss flat-screen monitors and larger ones and how they are getting cheaper. Alan explains the importance of flat-screens in the office.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to discuss the issues in the current Kiplinger Letter. She shares the ten things you can expect in 2003.

Tuesday - January 14, 2003

Mike Menzies
Mike joins Jim to discuss what 2003 will bring to the economy and the global climate. They forecast what might happen in Iraq in the coming year.
Jim and Peter talk about the concept of branding and how personal branding can get things done for your business.
Karen Cortell Reisman
Karen and Jim talk about defining your personal brand through the way you communicate.

Wednesday - January 15, 2003

Jim and Bob talk about hybrid vehicles and what they mean to the environment and consumers.
John Fox
John Fox joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the President's proposed budget and why a tax cut is not going to provide stimulation the economy needs.
Burton Folsom
Burton joins Jim to talk about keeping up with history in order to move forward.

Thursday - January 16, 2003

Bob Dilenschneider
Bob joins Jim to talk about the Dilenschneider Group's trend report, in it's 12th edition. They forecast 2003's global trends. They go on to talk about what challenges people over 50 will face in the year to come.
Joan Pryde
Joan joins Jim to cover the latest issue of the Kiplinger Washington Letter. They talk about small businesses using unlicensed software and the legal actions taken against people who have used software illegaly.

Monday - January 27, 2003

Rick Pinion
Jim and Rick discuss long term care in financial planning and new products that will help with your planning.
Rob Jolles
Robert joins Jim to talk about how important it is to make sure your customers happy.
Anita Rosen
Anita shares with Jim how to build communities online in order to create opportunities in your business. They discuss the idea for e-business and the technology needed for it.

Tuesday - January 28, 2003

Richard DeKaser
This segment is about the Federal Open Market Committee meeting at the beginning of the year. First, Elinor and Jim discuss how the economy looks to the committee and productivity. Richard focuses on the relationship of consumers and businesses.
Richard DeKaser
In the first part of this segment, Richard discusses businesses being reluctant to invest in the economy. Richard and Jim talk about consumer spending in the U.S. compared to Japan. Elinor and Jim talk about consumer spending and deflation.
Ed joins Jim on the show for the first time. Ed lets small businees owners know why it is important to build instincts in order to market products. He talks about who influentials are and how to identify and attract them. Ed and Jim talk about how these people influence other people.
Skip Miller
Jim and Skip talk about how salespeople make sales. They discuss how it is important for salespeople to have control of a sale and how they either gain control or lose it. They go on to talk about Skip's new book, Proactive Selling.

Wednesday - January 29, 2003

Jim Blasingame
Jim discusses how small businesses can create partnerships with big businesses
Gary Moore
Jim and Gary discuss President Bush's State of the Union Address and the economy's reaction to it.
Hamilton Beazley
Jim and Hamilton share how to make sure the knowledge in your company does not leave with your employees after they leave you.
Rich Galen
Richard shares his thoughts with Jim about the political reaction to President Bush's State of the Union Address.