Dolf de Roos

Interview with Dolf de Roos

Dolf joins Jim to talk about some of the real estate investment opportunities currently available, and how you can take advantage of them. One example is how to buy a property just before it goes into foreclosure.

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How bad is the real estate market and when should be start buying? Dolf talks with Jim about what's really happening in the real estate market and when he thinks we should be planning to pick up some bargains.
Don't believe what you've been hearing about the death of real estate. Dolf and Jim talk about why real estate is still one of the best investment options available.
Dolf begins his visit with Jim talking about whether he things there is a real estate bubble. They go on to discuss the advantages of a small business owner also owning the real estate the business operates in.
Jim and Dolf discuss the many benefits of owning your business's real estate, instead of renting.
Jim and Dolf discuss the benefits of owning your own business, instead of renting.