Ivan Misner

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Are men and women really so different? Ivan Misner discusses the differences in how men and women communicate and offers tips to networking with the opposite sex. » More
The BNIBusinessIndex.com has released its worldwide business survey findings for the first quarter of 2011. Ivan Misner breaks down those findings into six categories for us. » More
Based on his personal interviews with business people, Ivan Misner may be able to shed some light on how businesses are building their companies during these trying times. » More
A lot of people think networking is for those who are young and new to business. However, the studies don’t support that line of thinking. Ivan Misner gives the details. » More
Asking the right questions goes a long way to help you earn trust and build rapport with your contact. Here are 5 to get you started from Ivan Misner. » More
If you’re like most of us, you aren’t prepared to accept help at the moment it’s offered. Ivan Misner gives us some tips on systematic referral marketing. » More
It’s a common misconception that simply attending a networking event will bring you new business right away. Ivan Misner explains why this belief is wrong. » More
The ideal use for social media is to build your brand and your credibility with the people you are connected with. Ivan Misner shows you how this is accomplished. » More
There’s a very good reason why referral networking is becoming an accepted and important marketing strategy in businesses worldwide: it works. Here are some examples from Ivan Misner. » More
Referrals are the inevitable result of the day-to-day activities of relationship building and much more powerful than cold-calling. » More