Brad Huisken

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The first encounter that a potential customer has with a company begins to forge the entire series of interactions with that buyer. In today's world, the first impression that a client receives li... » More
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The New Year is here, and with it comes new opportunities for salespeople. Here are a few things to remember after the champagne and the bowl games. » More
Customer service standards can make or break a business. Brad Huisken writes on working with your customers to maintain a profitable relationship. » More
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Objections are a common part of sales. Brad Huisken writes on how to best handle objections and make the most of the situation. » More
In order to maintain a viable relationship with customers, you must be able to handle objections. Brad Huisken writes on how to navigate these situations. » More
We've all been in the situation where we just can't connect with the customer to "seal the deal" on a sale. Brad Huisken writes on how to alleviate this using the "Turnover" method. » More
The Penalty Close has been used by virtually every salesperson at one time or another. Brad Huisken gives you some exaples of what a penalty close might look like. » More
New sales strategies can sometimes bump a minor sale up to a major one. Brad Huisken joins you to discuss the double reverse strategy. » More