Three Golden Rules of Email

Skip Miller

I am still amazed at the number of sales people who are prospecting (or not) and using emails to try to get something started. Emails are safe, phone calls are better.

If you have to email, here are three golden rules:

  1. All about them
    1. The reason for this email is I would like to introduce myself and quickly find out from you if what we offer is of any interest to you...

    2. Executives like yourself are asking questions like:
      1. How can I...
      2. Is there a way to lower...
      3. How can I stop
  2. Also, use referrals and references. It is the number one way to get a cold call to a warm call.

  3. Use Questions
  4. Questions get the prospect starting to think (sales people think they are meaningless). Statements go right over the prospect’s head (sales people love them). Please remember to use ‘away’ questions so you can minimize the rejection rate.

  5. Call to action
  6. The end of the email should have some ‘call to action’. What is going to happen next? Some examples would be:

    • Tell them when you are going to call them back
    • Insert appointment download
    • Give them options
    • Give/Gets

    Prospecting must be done now. What you put in your funnel the next two months will have a huge effect if you make your number for the year or not. Create some activity, get references, use the tools!

Skip Miller, President/Founder of M3 Learning
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