The Science of Sales Success

Author: Josh Costell

The Science of Sales Success shows how to achieve the perfect win-win sales situation. Providing a system for giving customers more measurable benefits than competitors, Josh Costell shows how sales professionals can make fewer calls to win higher-profit orders. Costell used his “selling is a science” theory to propel him from rookie status to national sales manager of a Fortune 500 company just three years out of college. Now he reveals how to:

* Apply a quantifiable approach to selling in order to duplicate success

* Speed up “advance or abandon” decisions to make productivity explode

* Create bonds and motivate customers to share decision-making information

Filled with examples and case studies, the book shows how to build value-driven solutions from the perspective of customers’ goals rather than the products and services being offered. Featuring templates and a unique sales milestone map, The Science of Sales Success is every sales professional’s key to faster sales growth.

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