Always Maintain Your Sense of Humor

There are many reasons why we would do well to study the life of Abraham Lincoln. But today, let's focus on his love for laughter.

In one of my favorite books, The Words Lincoln Lived By, author and friend, Gene Griessman, reports that Lincoln once said, "It was a common notion that those who laughed heartily and often never amounted to much, never made great men. If this be the case, farewell to all my glory."

The great 20th century American poet and Lincoln biographer, Carl Sandburg, noted that Lincoln was considered the " ... first authentic humorist to occupy the Executive Mansion in Washington. His gift of laughter and flair for the funny being taken as a national belonging."

The more you know about Lincoln's many hardships and setbacks in his personal life, professional career and his presidency, the more impressed you become at how, in the face of everything, he still maintained his sense of humor.

If I could wish one personal thing for all of us today, I think it would be more laughter. I would encourage us all to take as many opportunities as we can to laugh, including - especially including - at ourselves. With all of the challenges we face each day in the pursuit of our entrepreneurial dreams, we must still find a way to laugh.

Let's make sure we look for opportunities to nourish our spirits with laughter. After all, it is, as Mr. Lincoln said, " ... the joyous, beautiful, and universal evergreen of life."

Jim Blasingame
Small Business Expert and host of The Small Business Advocate Show
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